The Firm

The Calvetto Law Firm, directly or through its foreign and Italian Partners, provides its clients with legal assistance and advice service, both judicial and extra-judicial, in the context of a cost/benefit maximisation with its intervention.

The Calvetto Law Firm provides its customers a personalised assistance through a structure of excellence composed of a team of professionals with specialised and mutually complementary skills, equipped with the most comprehensive upgrade tools. 
The Firm assists mainly credit and financial institutions, companies and small and medium-sized enterprises, the confronting legal issues that are usually encountered in conducting their activities.

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Il danno da lesione della reputazione va allegato e provato

Secondo la Cassazione, ordinanza 16 aprile


Procedimento disciplinare avvocati: cambiano le regole

In data 23 febbraio 2018, il CNF ha approvato